Using The Right Resume Words


In writing a resume, you have a lot to consider. This includes what format or resume type to use as well as the headings and layout. Most importantly, the resume words you use. What you decide to write on your resume and cover letters will determine where you will work, possibly where you will live, how much money you will make, how you live and how you will one day retire. So choose your words carefully.


You can make your qualifications shine by using the proper words. You want to make statements that excite employers and inspire them to desire an interview with you. Choosing the right resume words and getting them in the correct order is how you get interviews. Many companies use scanning software for the first filter in choosing resumes to review. They pick the ones that match or are the most relevant. Be aware that some employers enter negative keywords in the database too. You may want to get rid of these negative keywords in your resume.


Select your resume words to use in your statements. These statements are placed in the objective, in summaries, in experience descriptions, under education, and on your cover letter. You want to create something attractive or of worth to a potential employer. Use numbers or other measurable results to show what you did for a previous employer.


If you get writer's block try choosing what you want to write about rather than choosing the words first. That is one method many professional writers use. If you want to write about how you have organizational skills for example, write about a time you organized something and how that benefited your employer. Create a story of several sentences.


Search for the resume words that enhance your sentences. Power words, verbs and skill words are just few examples that you can include. Search through the job posting for the expertise the employer is looking for. Use the same vocabulary in your writing whenever possible. Research the company and the competitors. Learn about the products and services they offer. You will usually find language specific to the industry that you can use.


Now condense your sentences into one sentence or resume statement. Resume statements are not always grammatically correct phrases because they often do not include pronouns. Proofread everything on your document. Steer clear of words that are hard to understand. Use language from your specific field or industry. Stay away from rare acronyms. Use original vocabulary and avoid repeating resume words and remarks. Check that all your statements seem sensible. You could defeat your purpose if you will use incorrect vocabulary.


Include a text version within the email body and an attachment if you are sending the resume through email. Many employers will use this text resume for scanning purposes. Your attachment should be an MSWord document unless otherwise instructed by the employer. Scan all attachments for viruses before sending.



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